Monday 27th June 2016

9:00 Tea and arrivals
9:10 Conference opening
9:15 City workshops – City workshop reports

Panel One:  Histories of the Future City (Chair: William Gould)

09:45 Plenary session: Nandini Gooptu (University of Oxford): Contrasting Urban Utopias and Politics in India 
10:30 Plenary session: Prashant Kidambi (University of Leicester): ‘Crisis’ and the City in Modern India: Notes Towards a Conjunctural History
11:15 Faiza Moatasim (Hamilton College): Utopias from “Below”: Informality as a Paradigm of Utopian Planning 
11:30 Debapriya Ganguly (University of Hyderabad): Making of a City: Exploring the Urban Growth of Visakhapatnam, India 
11:45 Aya Nassar (University of Warwick): Staging the State: 1970s Cairo, Nasr City and the Afterlives of Post-Independence Futures 
12:00 Daryl Martin (University of York): Architectural Affinities and Urban Encounters: Cedric Price, Henri Lefebvre and the Utopian Method 
12:15 Q&A
12:45 Lunch 

Panel Two:  Utopian Imaginations (Chair: Ayona Datta)

13:45 Plenary session: Malcolm Miles (University of Plymouth): Paradoxical City: Imagined Utopias and Images of Ruins
14:30 Plenary session: Sophie Hadfield-Hill (University of Birmingham): Voices, Encounters and Dreams: Living on the Land of Urban Utopia 
15:15 Coffee break  
15:30 Cathy Turner (University of Exeter): ‘An Idea Can’t Remain in the Imagination, it Has to Come Out’ (Salim 2015): Performing Srinagar 
15:45 Caroline Herbert (Leeds Beckett University): ‘Songs of Rubbish’: Imagining the Subaltern City in Kolatkar’s Kala Ghoda Poems 
16:00 Tanu Priya Uteng (Institute of Transport Economics): Shared Mobility: The Utopian Form of Urban Transport? Imaginations and Possibilities 
16:15 Ramya Khare (School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi): Literature & Architecture: The Invisible & the Concrete 
16:30 Tahl Kaminer (Edinburgh College of Art): The Utopia of the Plan: Planning, Avant-Garde, Populism 
16:45 Q&A
17:15 Drinks reception at the Utopian Cities Photographic Exhibition
18:00 Conference close
19:00 Conference dinner at Tharavadu (Leeds City Centre) for all participants


Tuesday 28th June 2016


9:00 Tea and arrivals

Panel Three: Utopian Possibilities (Chair: Anu Sabhlok)

9:15 Plenary session: Nick Dunn (Lancaster University): Future Cities: Palimpsest of the Utopic Imagination 
10:00 Plenary session: Netra Shirke (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation): Smart Cities in India: A Definite Challenge
10:45 Coffee break
11:00 Nat Marom (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya): Urban Utopias through Vision and Division: Imagining the Futures of Mumbai and Cape Town 
11:15 Leon Morenas (School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi): Envisioning the Smart City in India: A Science and Technology Studies (STS) Critique 
11:30 C. Ramachandraiah (Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad): Amaravati – A New Urban Utopia in the Making
11:45 Thomas Oommen (Sushant School of Art and Architecture): Utopia as Local Engagement: Towards a Third Paradigm of Utopian Thinking in Indian Urban Design
12:00 Shehu Tijjani Yusuf (Bayero University): Imagining a Utopian City: A Study of the Kwankwasiya, Amana and Bandirawo Mega Cities in Kano
12:15 Q&A
12:45 Lunch

                     Panel Four: Comparative Utopias (Chair: Rebecca Madgin)

13:45 Plenary session: Hyun Shin (London School of Economics): The Myth of Asian Smart Urbanism: The Making of Songdo City, South Korea 
14:30 Rosemary Wakeman (Fordham University): Tomorrowland: New Town Utopias of the 1960s 
14:45 Taylor Sawyer (University of Edinburgh): Imagining Nationhood in Sub-State Governance Buildings: A Comparison of the Welsh Senedd and the Scottish Parliament Building 
15:00 Tom Bellfield (University of Cambridge): Utopia & Education: Methods of Concrete Utopian-Imagining 
15:15 Kiera Chapman (independent scholar) & Malcolm Tait (University of Sheffield): ‘Savages venerating magical fetishes’: the postcolonial assumptions of Jane Jacobs’ attack on modernist planning 
15:30 Q&A
16:00 Coffee break
16:15 Panel discussion with organisers about major themes and future directions. (Ayona Datta, William Gould, Anu Sabhlok and Rebecca Madgin)
17:15 Conference close

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