Third sector organisations

The Utopian Cities project is collaborating with a range of third sector organisations from each of the cities. A variety of key representatives from think tanks, NGOs, charity foundations and heritage organisations will be invited to participate and contribute to the city workshops. Below is a list of third sector organisations who have already worked with us:


Street Vendor’s Union, represented by Mr. Chintamani – a union representing the street vendors and autorickshaw wallahs against new municipal laws affecting their trade

Srishti Sanrakshnam, represented by Mr. Pintu Kumar – a student organisation which is committed to promoting a cleaner city and improving urban ecology in Varanasi

– see our city workshop report for more information


Ghar Adhikar Sangharsh Morcha (Movement for Housing Rights), represented by Paali (see his blog here) – an activist organisation fighting against the slum demolitions in Chandigarh

Mr Tarlochan Singh – a vernacular journalist and author of ujadiayan di dastan ‘Redrawing the Erased Maps: Land Acquisitions and Making of City’, which traces the experiences of the villagers who were displaced when the city was first built

Saksham Trust, represented by Dhanjaya – an NGO campaigning for LGBT rights in Chandigarh

– see our city workshop report for more information

Navi Mumbai

Khalapur Nagar Nigam and Khalapur community representatives

Community representatives from the “Ghar Hakk Sangharsh Samiti” campaign

– see our city workshop report for more information


Moolbhoot Hakka Andolan

Nirmal Gram Vikas Kendra, represented by director Shrikant Nagrekar

Godavari Gatarikaran Virodhi Manch, represented by Rajesh Pandit

Lok Nirnay Samajik Sanstha, represented by Santosh Yadav

– see our city workshop report for more information


If you are from a third sector organisation and would like to get involved with the project please contact us on

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