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City specific resources


2031 Master Plan, from Varanasi Development Authority

Sustainable Development of Heritage City Varanasi, from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi


Chandigarh: Urban Planning Concepts – A Comparative Study with Residential Development, QT8, Milano, by Gauri Avasak Natasha Mathur Pardhu Kamineni

Le Corbusier’s Master Plan, from Chandigarh Government

City of Chandigarh, from Architectuul

Navi Mumbai

Development Timeline of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, from NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab

Navi Mumbai: Promising Future for Largest Planned City, by Urban Vaastu

City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashta


Nashik City Development Plan

Nashik Smart City

Bhamare, Vinayak Nago, ‘Nashik City: A Study in Urban Geography’, (doctoral thesis, Tilak Maharashta University, Pune, 2014)

Other resources

Tekton: A Journal of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, by MES Pillai Architecture College, Navi Mumbai

Urban Expansion Observatory India, a project measuring the quality of urban expansion from 1990-2010 using high-resolution imagery.

Urbanization Blog, by the Centre for Policy Research

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